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Friday, September 16, 2005
 Welcome giulia

Thanks for everybody who voted, the poll result are in favor of:

giulia - GNU Internationalization & Unicode LIbrary & Applications

(I wish more people have had voted for g11n, the next contender), anyway, I still don't know exactly how to pronounce it, but we agreed on to use "gl_" for function prefix. No, OpenGL uses GlCamelCase.

That said, Bruno would appreciate if one of sysadmins would import his CVS tarball into GNOME CVS sooner than later, if one happens to read this. I sent an email a few (couple?) days ago. Thanks.

Hi Behdad!

Not that I'm in the position to force anybody to anything, but I just wanted to raise attention to the fact that GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) uses "gl_" as prefix for "predefined variables" in vertex- and fragment-programs (actual shader-sourcecode)... e.g. gl_Color, gl_FragColor, gl_Position, gl_Vertex, gl_ModelViewMatrix etc. I admit that it's not very likely to see calls from giulia being used in the same file as those predefined variables from GLSL since the former appear only in C-sourcecode and the latter belong only to vertex-/fragment-sourcecode. But still I wanted you to know this and take into account.

Best regards...

Giulia should be pronounced as Julia. "GI" is the italian equivalent of "J".
Why don't you use gio_ as the function prefix? Looks saner to me.
Thanks for all the comments. I believe gio_ is more misleading than sane.
Even if its not what is used I Really think that "gl_" will be inadvertantly interpreted as being OpenGL related. how about gln_ instead
I find matching gln_ to giulia pretty unintuitive. I'm going to suggest giu_ (not gio_, which probably has been a typo in comment 3) instead. Guess that's the best thus far.
Or just giulia_ to be verbose :) Explicit is better than implict, right?
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