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Friday, October 01, 2010
 Dear Lazyweb: Netflix on Bravia in Canada

Dear LazyWeb,

With the recent launch of Netflix in Canada, here comes the question I've been unable to answer so far:

How do I use Netflix on my Bravia-enabled Sony TV or Blu-ray player? The net suggests that both should be able to play, yet it's not in the menus by default, and the internet gods have not been that helpful so far.

My current understanding is that the Canadian version of the Sony Bravia products doesn't have the Netflix channel and all I can do is to wait for a firmware update. Will be glad to be proven wrong.


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You might try grabbing the US firmware update and applying it.
Playstation3 works wonderfully. Grab the Netflix application from the What's New section. Plus, it could replace your blu-ray player. :)
Have you seen the selection on yet?
I'm under the impression that the American version has a pretty decent selection which could replace your local video rental store... but the Canadian version is largely populated with B grade horror films, camp, and direct to dvd releases.

I highly recommend Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus :-)
I just picked up a hx909 anticipating Netflix here in Vancouver... No soup for meeeee!
درود بر هموطن گرامي خودم
داداش من امسال سال دوم دبيرستانم
پارسال مرحله اول المپياد كامپيوتر رفتم بالا امسال عزممو جزم كردم برم برا مدال
ميشه كمكم كني ؟؟
يعني بگي از چه كتابايي استفاده كنم ؟؟
واقعا ممنون ميشم كمكم كني

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