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Monday, October 27, 2008
 Fedora at the Ontario Linux Festival

I drove to Niagara Falls on Friday evening to pick up the Fedora event box from Brian Powell. Being in falls and having a good time also meant that I was later for the conference on Saturday, but not much.

So that's how Satruday was spent. Deepak and myself were manning the Fedora booth at the second Ontario Linux Festival, with Andrew doing the same for Eclipse. It turned out to be great fun though, as Paul Frields and Greg DeKoenigsberg were around. We opened the event box and pimped up the booth, and soon after the traffic flowed in.

We Fedora 9 Live CD and DVD to hand out, couple olpc laptops, and a brand new X61 tablet that is Behnam's but arrived at my address on Friday afternoon. We set up a USB stick and the tablet did its first boot ever, in Fedora, and before long people were awed by the pressure-sensitive effects of the GIMP and the tablet stylus. Later in the afternoon we installed Xournal and that provided us with a second round of excitement. The state of tablet support sdaly seems to not have changed a bit since Luis summarized it two years ago. Namely, hand-writing recognition is still a completely missing piece.

All in all, the booth was a great success. Compared to last year, I think we got, like, five times the traffic at the Fedora booth, if not more. Was a pleasure to meet old and new friends, and generally, a good conference day close to home!

Paul's summary.

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