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Tuesday, June 19, 2007
 JDS Patch Review

(Note: After receiving two comments and rereading my previous post, I removed it in accordance to CoC which I have volunteerly signed. Well, we're cool now.)

Seeing people commenting on JDS patches for their packages, I couldn't help but checking pango, cairo, and vte patches they ship. Having reviewed them, I thought I should provide some feedback :). I'm posting here, hoping that other GNOME hackers pick this up too. Later we can move on to collectively review other vendors' patches too, and help the over-busy maintainers push the right patches upstream and drop/fix the wrong ones. Not every project has a sebuild, right? ;) Brian Cameron has been doing a great job doing that for opensolaris already, but there's more room.
All in all, very good for cairo, but can do better for vte and pango.

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The -uninstalled files were invented for "gtk+-enterprise-edition" which was a big tarball containing gtk and all dependencies created for reasons that I don't really remember.

To build the tarball, you had to be able to run make from the toplevel and build all the subdirectories (glib, pango, gtk, etc.), without a make install on each dependency as you went.

It was very hard to maintain a build that worked right in this giant tarball context, but the uninstalled .pc files were part of what you had to do. has links to a whole bunch of vendor patches.
I'll take a bow any day for a man that is capable of admitting he was wrong, so my hat's off to you Behdad!

And a good thing to see you turned that energy elsewhere and reviewed patches like a madman instead ;)

Keep up the good work!

/A humble admirer
In Sun we use uninstalled pc because we often group multiple dependant modules in one package and don't install the package until all modules are built.
For example, if SUNWmeta-pkg has modules A, B and C.
The build sequence is:
* A.prep
* B.prep
* C.prep
* (configure; make)
* A.install (make install to $RPM_BUILD_ROOT)
* B.install
* C.install
* Generate package.
* Install package

If module B or C needs uses pkg-config to reference module A, an uninstalled.pc file is used.

Does this help explain why patches like cairo-01-uninstalled-pc.diff exist?
Feel free to review the patches in the pango1.0 and vte packages maintained by the Debian GNOME Team! :)

Currently, the latest versions of these can be found at:

I've updated the VendorPatches page with more complete and recent information.

We're in the process of slowly integrating bug references and descriptions at the top of patches, but not all patches carry such information yet.
vte-03-cut-copy-paste-handle.diff says "Bind Copy, Paste, Cut keys". It seems to bind F16, F18, and F20 (GDK_F16, etc.) keys to signals "copy-clipboard" and "paste-clipboard".

I guess "cut" makes little sense for a terminal widget (that's what VTE is, right?), so the key marked "cut" generates "copy", as well.

Sun people have always had weird keyboards. :-)
This is Brian Cameron ( Thanks for the nice comment.

Here is some feedback and bugzilla bug numbers.

The pango-01-fullspace.diff patch is in bugzilla bug 145275. Note the older patch which is sort of like the patch we apply here at Sun. If there's a better way to fix, this then let me know and I'll be happy to update our patch.

The pango-03-no-xrender.diff patch is because the Sun Xserver team doesn't yet ship the pc files. They are slowly fixing this, and we'll remove this patch once the pc file is in Solaris.

I think that the cairo uninstalled pc patch has been discussed well enough. Most GNOME modules that provide libraries provide this file to make building possible when dependent modules are not yet installed. Our build process here at Sun depends on this feature.

The vte-01-fcconfig.diff is bugzilla 142640. vte-03-cut-copy-paste.diff is bugzilla 153265. vte-04-selection-perf-improve is bugzilla 143914.
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