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Friday, May 04, 2007
 PangoCairo arbitrary shape rendering

On Tuesday I met Travis Griggs, the author of cairo Smalltalk bindings, who was presenting about cairo at IT360°. He made his slide deck using cairo and Pango, using a background and font that resembled Egyptian papyrus scroll using the cairo beetle logo instead of bullet points. I asked him how he did that and of course the hard way. I then explained how pango supports shape attributes that can be used by a custom made PangoRenderer to render arbitrary shapes.

Last night I thought there should be an easier way to do that, and so I added pango_cairo_context_set_shape_renderer().

Obligatory screenshot:

PangoCairo shape rendering

Source code.

Lets see how long I can go with a Pango feature a day. Today excluded as I'll be driving to LGM. Weekends too as I've finally got myself spending the weekend with species other than computers.

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Some of these features are way cool, I'm really starting to like your posts on these new pango features but would like to suggest another feature. Not sure how you'd go about implementing it but let me explain as simply as possible. It came to mind purely because of the title "arbitrary shape rendering" which made me think about instructing pango to wrap text inside of an arbitrary shape. For instance if I used cairo to draw an image in the centre of a page then sculpted a text box around that image instead of calling cairo_fill() I could call possibly, pango_cairo_context_fill_text(), where the shape which had been etched by cairo could then be filled with a text buffer, wrapping whenever an edge was hit.

It would be especially cool to allow me to fully justify the text in that shape, so for instance something like the RSA dolphin ( could be drawn with pango and cairo.

Hope this becomes a pango feature sometime soon.
behdad dude, everytime I post a comment here is to say how much your stuff rocks.

Anyway then, praise++!

Thanks Jordi!

Karl, that's totally planned! See and when I opened it!
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