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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
 Justified text with Pango not unsupported anymore.


The first paragraph has positive letter spacing, and then justified. As you see the third line didn't hvae any space chars and so is justified by applying more letter spacing. Now the Latin part has unfairly long words and short lines, but Arabic works much better than I expected.

It's a very simple greedy algorithm. Mathias Hasselmann start writing patches, and hours later and three ~100 line patches, I've got it all working and nicely interacting with letter-spacing too.

Six year old bugzilla entry here.

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Now there is just the hyphenation left ;-)
Yeah, thinking about that.
Simple (greedy) algorithms are often the best, but I remember being told that you can apply Bresenham's algorithm to justify text evenly, such as breaking 8px into three gaps as 3+2+3 rather than the unbalanced 3+3+2 that a naive greedy algorithm would deliver. In this case, we would be calculating widths of inter-word spaces, rather than counting contiguous pixels for each row of a rendered line segment (for a line that is wider than it is tall), but the idea is the same.

I don't know if it's worth the effort of coding it up, but I thought you might be interested by the analogy.
Thanks for the comment. My implementation gives 3+2+3. It works by:

round(1 * 8./3) - 0 = 3
round(2 * 8./3) - 3 = 2
round(3 * 8./3) - 5 = 3
Rock! You can't imagine how much pain the lack of justification caused Tomas when porting abiword 2.5 to Pango! Very cool (it's too late to get it in AbiWord 2.6 though).

Now if only you can add a proper UCS4 API to pango instead of the current UTF8 only one, that'd be awesome :D (we have to do constant conversions when rendering, as AbiWord is UCS4 only internally for speed). This is one of the reasons why our pango renderer is slower (no hard numbers, sorry) than our own renderer. - uwog
Thanks a lot for your amazing work. Fonts in gnome are improving a lot.
Excellent, many thanks Behdad. I assume proper justification for Arabic (not using word spacing) is in the works ?
Totally in the works.

UTF-32 API too, I'll give it a shot.
What about kashida-justified text as imagined by Microsoft?
Congratulations for making gnome better with your work!
Great. Thanks for your work. It works well for Thai, too, except that I wish character spacing were applied in every line, not just the ones without space. As spaces are rare in Thai texts, when there is one, it's extraordinarily wide. Distributing spaces in characters as well would help reduce it. (screenshot)
What about the TeX line-breaking algorith? What about hyphenation?
TeX-style h&j at some point... who knows..
I grabbed the latest pango release today
(1.17.3) but I can't get it work. when
I run pango-view --justify
test-justify.txt I get a hughe window and
the span is not removed. No line breaks
at all. I thought the justification code
is in this release. Whats wrong?

Ah, sorry, I fount out how it works.

You need to set a width too. Try --width=500
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