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Sunday, December 24, 2006
 Nightmare Before Christmas #1

Starting last week I started noticing a major decline in the number of incoming email. I no more had "interesting" mail every time I checked mail. Interesting mail typically means some mind-wrangling cairo issue, or a challenging bug, etc. I also noticed that I do not get cairo-commit messages anymore. On Wednesday I figured that I've not got rambokid's State of the Gtk+ Maintenance message.

My mail setup is that I forward all many different accounts to Gmail, and POP3 from there. This drastically reduces SPAM that I have to fetch into Evo over POP that is all by fast. Digging into Gmail's Spam folder, I found out that starting on December 13th, Gmail has been marking mail from many lists as spam. Mostly, some GNOME Bugzilla mail, some GNOME list messages, some TLUG messages, all cairo-commit, and most of cairo list. Apparently they made a change in their algorithms, whatever, and the recurring parts of these lists passed their threshold.

So, several hours later and lots of inspection, I recovered 800 messages and I'm pretty confident that's been all. Now Gmail's UI is pretty decent in most cases. Seems like no one spent much time on the mark-as-Not-Spam UI bits though. Some things that suck:
Anyway, if you feel like there's been mail that I should have responded to but I didn't, feel free to send a note. non-list messages do not seem to be affected. And fortunately the Not-Spamming process seems to have taught it enough for now to not do it wrong for while; still, I'm disappointed.

I wonder if you tried the bogofilter plugin for evolution. Since the bogofilter plugin works with my evo installation, spam filtering works like a charm - very fast!
I use gmail much in the same way. However, I go through the spam folder every time I fetch mail because I've found it to be too unreliable before.

I select all messages on the page in the spam folder, then manually deselect any false negatives and delete the rest. A mundane task but it works and if you do it often enough it's not that bad.
I think this is not an isolated issue. Personally I don't use gmail, but lately I'm getting a lot of bounces (for example for mail) from gmail users stating that bulk mail is being sent, and hence the message is refused.
I've heard lots of good things about bogofilter too. Still, that means I have to fetch all the spam into my laptop. Not much a big deal, but not invisible either.
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