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Sunday, September 03, 2006
 Evolution, #4

Evo Tip of the Day:
alias killev="killall evolution evolution-data-server-1.6 spamd"

Update: Bug filed.

You should run spamd as a system daemon, this should make sure you won't have too much spamd process on your system.
> alias killev="killall evolution e..."

You could also just use:

$ evolution --force-shutdown
> $ evolution --force-shutdown

That doesn't kill the herd of spamd processes.
Re spamd, I don't know, and cannot find, how to run it as a system daemon.
You should really try Sylpheed-Claws :-)
Looks like it'd change your email life...
well, good distros usually ships with an initscript and an /etc/sysconfig/spamd file to enable that ;)
> You should really try Sylpheed-Claws :-)
> Looks like it'd change your email life...

Well I was a happy Pine user...
Then I thought as a GNOME developer I should dogfood our own product...
evolution never handled spamassassin correctly. spamd is started regardless of user/system settings. I tried to run spamd as a system-wide service so i can tune its parameters but evolution is just unable to use it. It wants to start its own spamd. This is very annoying if there are many users on the same computer. spamd is fat and checking an email takes 2s on my laptop.
You could disable daemon so evolution run spamassassin but then evolution would start a new instance for each incoming mail : using spamassassin, processing an email takes 6s on my laptop. But that saves a lot of memory. But when i came back from vacations, there were 500 emails in my mailbox. So it took evolution 1 hour to process them.
Debian/Ubuntu's package of spamassassin will run spamd for you once you edit /etc/default/spamassassin (it's off by default due to potential security risks on multiuser systems). Then just use spamc instead of spamassassin.
i tried but it didn't work because evolution seems unable to run spamc against a spamd it hasn't started.
look look...

This thing is the beast.
it uses 666MB :D
Ok, I see. spamd is indeed the process name for spamassassing. Enabled the daemon such that Evo doesn't start (and leak) them. Should help.
Ah, nothing like five instances of a perly daemon in memory. That, and the speed of that thing, is why I set out to write a bogofilter plugin for Evo. Never looked back.
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