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Friday, August 25, 2006
 Evolution, #2

Thanks for everyone who commented on my previous post. I'll be filing Evo bugs starting immediately. It just was that all the bugs seems o annoying that I blindly assumed they should have already been filed. Afterall I can ear a good part of a bugzilla point filing them. That doesn't mean that I stop this series of posts though!

This hit me again right now, so I let it out. Number 2 Evo annoyance for me coming from a Pine background. As I said already, I unset the "Hide Deleted Messages" option in the "View" menu, and expunge manually after going over my incoming mail and deleting those that don't need any further action.

But did I tell you that expunge is ctrl+E and close is ctrl+W? And I'm still using the qWErty keyboard layout, sigh...

And the thing takes its time to quit.

Evo Tip of the Day: killall + bash-completion is an Evo user's best friend.

Update: Bug filed. From the bug report:

I use Evo to read mail. I don't use "Hide deleted messages" and expunge manually using ctrl+E. And ctrl+E is next to ctrl+W that is a shortcut for
"Close Window".

Moreover, other than the "Close Window" option, there's also a Quit option in the same File menu, and that's got a ctrl+Q shortcut. I really cannot understand the different between Close Window and Quit. Actually I thought I do. I opened a composer window and chose Close Window in the main window, expecting that maybe my composer is not closed... but it was, and Evo quit.

So, for the reason stated in first paragraph I suggest removing the Close Window menu entry and its shortcut from the main Evo window. As I mentioned in second paragraph, that option has not been any useful functionality anyway, so removing shouldn't cause any harm.

The composer and individual message views should still have "Close ctrl+W" like they do currently.

Evo Tip of the Day:

evolution --force-shutdown
May be a day (since 2005-04-19) will be solved .... may be a day

Evolution team know that english is not the only language in the world ?!
Say, do the junk filters actually do anything for you?

I tried to use evolution with an old email address which receives something like 100 junk mails every day but only one or two HAM mails. The junk filters of evolution filter virtually nothing; instead downloading of messages takes almost forever, taking up all the CPU time ( oh, no: not even all, just 50% since it does not even use the other core ). Even after training, there is almost no notable effect.

So I switched to Thunderbird for this account: Trained for some 50 mails and it filtered all the other mails reliably in just a few seconds. It even managed to import 6000 old emails and filtered them for junk - an operation which is just impossible with Evo junk controls.

I wonder if I am the only one where the junk controls fail??? I mean: This is the most important feature of a todays email program.
"killev" is very handy (shorter than evolution --force-shutdown), just put a link to it in your ~/bin
Junk filters, ah... That deserves a unique number in my series...
Now if only they would fix their 64bit unsafe memory allocation so that it would actually start.. *sigh* get the basics right please.
The fact that my bug titled "evolution allocates 65GB of memory then pages to death on amd64" *with patch* has been around for 6 months has convinced me that there is no value in filing evolution bugs.
such a horrible rant
behdad: well, w,s,d,r are right next to e on my keyboard - what is your proposal here? i have seen lots of "hey, but this letter is directly next to this other evil letter" or "don't put the trash icon nowhere next to any other icon" bugs filed in evo, but i'd like to see proposals... thanks in advance. :-)

david nielsen: normally matthew files the redhat bugzilla downstream bugs to upstream gnome bugzilla, so they can be handled.

eric anholt: filing *does* make sense, but unfortunately, manpower is not unlimited. let's see what i can do here... :-/
Ok, bug filed with suggestion.
"evolution --force-shutdown" is by no means better than killall evolution. The trick is the bash-completion package. All I have to type is "killaTAB evTAB". A total of 10 keystrokes. Compare to 21 for "evoTAB --force-shutdown".
Hi Behdad,
I think that a more worrisome bug is the fact that you just can't change keyboard shortcuts in Evo, even if it is supposed to do that being a Gnome application. I'm looking forward to the most recent version, I've always used Evolution and like it enough to continue using it, but I'd sure like the dev pace to increase a bit ...

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