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Monday, May 22, 2006

Valgrind hints for GLib: Finished the patch over the past week and it actually works now. The latest patch also fixes all of Federico's tasks for volunteers. Check it out.

Bugzilla Aliases: One feature of the updated GNOME Bugzilla that I didn't noticed previously is the alias field, where you can assign a name to a bug. The alias can be used when dupping bugs, or by URL surgery with the showbug.cgi.

Improved Font Rendering: As already noted by Edd, David Turner posted an impressive set of patches for cairo and Xft that drastically improve the quality of the subpixel text rendering.. Screenshot here, only makes sense to view using horizontal-RGB lcd display. Didn't test them yet, but looking forward to see them integrated.

Linus on CNN: I've not had read his interviews for a while. I like every word of what he says in this one. Update: And another interview. Pretty sane one again.

Random links and issues from my blogging backlog:

100000th character in ISO-10646 and Unicode: Uma Umamaheswaran writes 0D3D MALAYALAM PRASLESHAM (avagraha) has the unique honour of being the 100000 th character that has been accepted for possible inclusion in 10646 standard by JTC1/SC2.

Tango's Window Experiments: I would love to see windows that look and behave like those mockups.

Worldmapper: This is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest, like population, economy, and a lot of other interesting measures. A pleasure to browse.

Kill Bill's Browser: Funniest "spread Firefox" page I've seen.

About the "Tango's Window Experiments", this are great mockups, but there are a great flaw in this document oriented window arquiteture: it works badly with multi-tab applications.
So you agree with Linus Torvalds when he tacitly acknowledges that Linux is an "operating system [...] that you created"? How sad that there is no room for any acknowledgement of GNU, the OS which is most commonly used with the Linux kernel. But entirely in line with the Open Source movement (whose leader is, according to the article you agree with, Linus Torvalds) which apparently wants to take credit for a great deal of work they didn't start or work that preceeded the existence of that movement (like the Linux kernel). Wikipedia always identifies itself as "The Free Encyclopedia" and its co-founder, Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, is keen to point out that freedom Wikipedia's users have is the important point here. But in the CNN article, Wikipedia is "the online open source encyclopedia", identified with the movement built to eschew freedom and focus on developmental goals (which Torvalds goes on about in spades).

So, it seems that for this Open Source leader, there is no room to identify projects for what they are or to respect the movements and political ideals they were built to support. I would hope more people would not agree with such sentiments and respect that not everyone does their work to support Open Source methodology and goals of developmental progress.
I have built packages (for Ubuntu dapper) with the patches for font rendering applied at:

You might want to read about the journey:
About the rants by J.B. Nicholson-Owens: I think you are reading his comments very biased. Do not blame the CNN interviewer's lack of knowledge on Linus. He also very clearly points that Linux has not been the first Open Source project, neither he decided it to be such from the beginning and blah blah.
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