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Thursday, April 13, 2006
 Bug Stats, Part 20

Following up on my bug-fixing attitude post, I spent last time helping myself to 20 points. All libzvt bugs were cleared (some retargeted to vte, others closed), several vte bugs dupped, fixed, or closed too.

When doing that, I came across a rather weird scenario, where on Feb 13, when looking at some bug, I read the gnome-pty-helper source code and spotted a somewhat harmless race condition, and fixed it (patch), while the bug was already fixed and didn't need that change really. Now last night I found this other bug where somebody reported a deadlock in gnome-pty-helper and submitted a patch, all on the same Feb 13, a few hours before I commit that change, and the gnome-pty-helper code has not been touched for five months then. Compare his patch. They almost map using s/terminate/done/. Couldn't help but feel like deja-vu :-).

According to the script, I need to open 77 and close 121 bugs to go to the next level. That should keep me busy for a couple of months...

About you script - does it display AND or OR for the difficult types of bug actions?
Do you need X comments AND y opened AND y closed, or is it X comments OR y opened OR y closed?
It's AND. The script interpolates your current stats, so if you have opened 200 bugs and close only 20, it will assume that you have an opened-to-closed rate of 10 and considers that in the interpolation.
instead of striving for points you should enhance your attitude towards patch submitters that are treated by you...
I would have considered that should have given some pointers to bugs that you believe I've been less than nice to contributors.
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