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Sunday, March 26, 2006
 Vte Newsletter

As a caring maintainer, I would like to draw your attention to a couple of vte patches for cool features in gnome-terminal that can use some testing:

Kosai points out in his gnome-terminal wishlist something like incremental backward search in gnome-terminal. I've been thinking about this too, it's not that hard. If somebody familiar with the search widgets (say in gedit or evince) is willing to do the gnome-terminal part of the work, I can help with the vte side. Discuss here.

Update: Another interesting feature Kosai requests is (or comes down to) a split feature in gnome-terminal, like some editors used to had back in the days. That requires a model/view split in vte first, but such an split will greatly help to do all kind of cool stuff, like his other request: display-independent persistent terminals, that you can detach from and attach to later (like screen does, but at gnome-terminal/vte level.)

Update: Both features are committed now.

I posted this suggestion in Kosai's post's comments, and I reiterate here: It would be great if these gnome-terminal detached sessions could be attached in screen later, and vice-versa. It would actually be great if gnome-terminal was a screen front-end.

Another cool feature would be to be able to attach/detach tabs, ie take a tab, drag it outside the window and make a new window of it. Plus, moving tabs between windows, etc.
Yes, it makes a lot of sense to share the session between screen and g-t. That changes the problem to add "Connect to screen session" feature to g-t, instead of making drastic changes to vte or g-t. That's pretty easy actually. What we may want to do though is to (have an option to) run terminals inside screen by default.
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