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Thursday, March 09, 2006
 Various Points

I try not to make posts like this, but it saves a lot of time for me and you every once in a while :-)...


Amazing Nautilus startup analysis by Federico. I'll probably take a look at the gtk_icon_cache issue later if nobody else does. (Update: Seems like Manny already looked into that one.)

Philip, GLib and Gtk+ do have lots of tests. Just look inside tests/. No fancy framework, not included with the source code of the functionality, but testing. And new tests are added whenever a new feature is implemented or a bug fixed.

Released vte-0.11.21 to tune the timeouts that I messed up in 0.11.19. Get it from here and test if you don't want to see a messy vte in GNOME 2.14.

I got a Coverity account like about 12 other Gnome hackers did. Looks like they've found some real bugs for us. Their list of modules has been pretty off so far, including many many deprecated and unused modules, but not including such core modules as gedit, vte, and gucharmap. They have been informed though, and we are looking forward to an updated report. The plan is to file all their reports as bugs in bugzilla...


linuxcaffe in NewsForge. Got to pass by the cafe to check out the paintings.

Sand Fantasy. Check out the video clips. [Thanks Behnam]

Persian stuff: Both Behdad's Editor and Behdad's Calendar now have links to their source code. The editor now can Open files from your local disk, and the Save capability has been improved to choose a file name from the first (nonempty) line of your memo. When working on it tonight, I thought two of my short PHP utility functions may be useful for other Persian web developers, so I put them into public domain, and they are available here.

Lazy web:

Is it just me or Blogger really doesn't have a way to contact them? Didn't found anything by looking at the front page and "Help" pages. All they refer you to is a Google Group for more help.

In a web form with one of those widgets to choose a file to upload, how does one change the "Browse..." label on the button? (like in this page.) I didn't find any way (eg. setting value) in Firefox. That means I cannot have upload-files UI in a Persian web-based interface! Weird...


Dan Bern will tour Ottawa the week before Desktop Developers' Conference 06 mid July.

Found this The Pink Floyd Movie Synchronization Story tonight. I've watched Dark Side of the Oz before (search net for details). Today I got a copy of (what I call) Pink Floyd in The Wonderland, but unfortunately I couldn't watch it as there are two audio tracks, xine and mplayer only play (the boring) one (yes I know how to change audio tracks in both, doesn't work), while GStreamer 0.10 plays both, but not the MPEG4 video )-:.

Watched The Battle of Algiers (1965, Gillo Pontecorvo) and liked it. Liked the soundtrack by Ennio Morricone too. Speaking of Ennio Morricone, man, did he really composed music for 555 movies?!?! His The Legend of 1900 (1998, Giuseppe Tornatore) soundtrack is one of my favorites, with the Roger Waters song Lost Boys Calling at the end. I recently got his Sacco e Vanzetti (1971, Giuliano Montaldo) soundtrack and loved the Joan Baez's vocal. It's totally brilliant stuff.

The "Browse..." button is translated by firefox itself, apparently according to the locale or to the language set in its preferences. I at least have a russian "Обзор..." button.
The "Browse..." label cannot be changed due to security concerns.
Imagine if it was possible, then a user could be tricked into uploading files.
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