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Tuesday, March 28, 2006
 GnomeGoals Rules!

A few weeks ago I had to repeat the same maintenance work over and over in gucharmap, vte, dasher, and devhelp. Things like the right way to install an icon, or various metadata files like MAINTAINERS, etc. So I was thinking about pointing things like that, the best practices of maintaining GNOME modules, in my weblog as something like a GNOME Maintainers' Tips series. So I started listing them in a file in ~/blog till I get to them later. Well, I don't have to anymore.

Vincent's GNOME Goal series is just that, with a subtle difference: when he sets a goal, everybody hurries up to fix all modules he maintains or commits to (Update: or better yet, others contribute patches to fix these.) Nice indeed. So I simply dumped my list and filed my tips at GnomeGoals wiki page. I even wrote drafts for a couple of them. Help up and add your secret tips. Given that we only have about 20 more weeks to go before next code freeze (if not less), we may need to accelerate.

A not-so-irrelevant idea is Gnome Recipes project. What both projects have in common is that they generate very good material for the GNOME ISV guide, and that's a good thing.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm enjoying the new Bugzilla My Bugs page even more and actually using the "Assigned to" field of bugs, assigning bugs that I want to look into shortly to myself, and find them right there in my bugs page.

Actually, I think most of those fixes are coming not from the maintainers, but from outside contributors. Hence the fact that most of them are listed as "patch" instead of "done"... they're largely coming from people like myself without commit access.
True. Updated the post about it. And Thanks for all the patches!
Reading the list at GnomeGoals wiki page, I found one thing missing - the ability of applications to remember their position and size (as well as state of maximization) between runs. I don't know if this is a general-metacity or application-specific responsibility, but I'm sure there aren't many more annoying things than having to resize the File save dialog every time to see more of my files and folders...

(beat me with a stick if this has already been solved in 2.14, I'm still using 2.12 and waiting for 2.14 being unblocked in portage :)
Good point. Why didn't you add it to the wiki yourself?
Sorry, seeing the 'immutable page' property I thought the page is modifyable only by registered Gnome developers. Registered, modified, am happy :)
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