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Friday, February 10, 2006

Let vte-0.11.18 and pango-1.11.5 out for next week's release. gucharmap is blocking on Behnam reworking his patch, and Phil will release dasher tomorrow as he has release access now.

Pango-1.11.5 released on 2006-02-11
Pango-1.11.4 released on 2006-02-06
Pango-1.11.3 released on 2006-01-30
Pango-1.11.2 released on 2006-01-16

Wow, that's four releases in one month!? I like making devel releases crazy like this, as Matthias pushes them in rawhide and they get a lot of testing. No major regressions so far, even though I've been committing crazy stuff (will post about in a second.) Anyway, I think I'm alsmost done with Pango for this GNOME cycle. The rest of changes that I have patches for need some more work and I don't think I can get them done in time for some testing.

By the way, pissed off at Novell and how they have a braindead bugs database that gives you an "Access Denied" even though what it means is that "You need to login." And this is the first damn time I see a registration form with those "required" stars on every single field. And they have one of those crazy little JavaScripts that tell you "Please enter a valid password that contains at least 6 characters and at least one letter and one number or punctuation character." Damn! Are their customers *that* stupid? I appreciate a password strength meter like the one gmail has, but I really doubt a 2 line JavaScript knows better than me what a good password should look like. Not incidentally, the only passwords of mine that I forget and have to beg for a new one are the ones that a crazy JS forced me to set a password other than what I originally wanted to set.

If you're annoyed with Novell Bugzilla, you may find this Greasemonkey userscript to be helpful. James Willcox (aka Snorp), one of my co-workers, wrote it, and now I practially can't live without it. :)
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