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Monday, January 09, 2006
 Dead laptop

Everybody known that laptops have a higher tendency to die while in vacations or otherwise away from normal life. Well, so did mine.

Last year on the day of the Iranian new year, the backlight of my lovely huge heavy Vaio laptop died. I ordered the cheapest backlight found on eBay and managed to dismantle the LCD and replace it successfully. Being the cheapest brand, it went red in just a few months, so I've been using external monitors for the past four months, until I got a new backlight, not the cheapest one this time... So I arranged for somebody to bring it to Iran after it didn't arrive in time for my own travel, and picked it up too.

While too busy to sit down and change the backlight for a few days, the laptop also started hanging when moved, to the extent that the slightest physical motion would hang it in a second. So it was time to repair...

Now I have opened it a few times, and changed backlight once, so it was not any hard, just a matter of a few hours of (un)screwing. But this time was different. After putting everything back, it's not functioning at all. No slightest sign of having electricity running into it's wires. I suspect I fcuked up the ribbons connecting the panel with the power button to the main, but I changed the ribbons around, no luck...

Anyway, the laptop is left with a laptop repair company now and I'm back to work using my hard disk on a friend's laptop. Isn't that cool that my Fedora runs on a Dell quite as good as it used to run on the Vaio? Can you do that with the other operating system? (-;

cool hardware hack ;)
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