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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
 Pango+Performance progress

Did lots of new work on Pango. Made a parallel patch to Billy's for caching glyph extents. And also closed a long-time bug about supporting OpenType for Latin (and most other) scripts. The SIL guys helped a lot. Just compare the gedit rendering with notepad rendering. No more GPOS problems should be seen on the console too.

As for optimizations, with over 160 members in the performance list, all discussion has moved there. We probably will post summaries on the planet from time to time. For now, this is a plot comparing pango-1-10 branch with HEAD that has got all the optimization work:

The graph is made with ellipsization turned on, so the speedup is not as much as it should have been compared to previous posts.

Last point on performance, if you've not heard already, the latest LUGRadio episode talks about our work, making fun of my and Federico's name. Bastards :-).

All in all, I'm loving my new Pango involvement. Just if I could get to some other work too...

Whoa, you guys are making performance cool again!

Oh, and make sure the performance-list archives are linked from the list's page. One might be curious to visit the archives to find out whether he should subscribe.
Hey, we did respect your work as well as making fun of your names :-)
Sure, hence the smiley ':-)'. And I enjoyed that actually. Much boring every time people want to pronounce my name, not with you guys.
Thanks for you great work! :-)

Are you planning to take a look at fontconfig as well?
It seems it is a big bottleneck for application startup speed, Lubos Lunak from kde has done
some work on that already
Next version of fontconfig will solve that by using an mmap()ed cache instead of the current text-format one. That's work done by Patrick Lam.
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