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Thursday, May 14, 2009
 GUADEC schedule now available, 2009 edition

Ok, we're finally ready to share with you the final GUADEC 2009 schedule:

Err, I mean, GUADEC 2009 schedule.

Expect minor changes, but this is basically it. We'll add the Saturday schedule in ASAP. Lightning talks go there as well as keynotes. For more information about non-GUADEC activities see the main site for the event.


 Cory Doctorow at the White Pine Awards

By pure chance I got to know that Cory Doctorow will be in Toronto to attend the White Pine award ceremony, part of Ontario Library Association's "Forest of Reading" program.

So I went to Harbourfront Centre yesterday and was delighted to see Little Brother win the White Pine award, making it the popular choice among Ontario's high-school students.

Here's a stop-motion / still-motion video I put together:

YouTube Vimeo

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two posts about running Marathons on Planet GNOME tonight. Congrats to Dave for finishing his first Full Marathon in 3h26'33 and Claudio for doing his first Half in 2h25'!

Can't help by sharing my own plans. I was training for a Full last Summer but managed to injure my feet in my 26km run. Well, shedding the gained weight right now and planning to start training in a week. I'm aiming for the September / October races around Toronto. We'll see...


Friday, May 01, 2009
 Back to School

Last Saturday I sat all day through the first session of my Managerial Negotiations class, the first course in the part-time MBA program I just started.

It's a three year program that fits perfectly in my habit of major-change-every-three-years life cycle.

Pretty excited to join Rotman. If you've read The Opposable Mind, you know what I mean. It shouldn't affect my other duties in a measurable way. Or so I hope. Plus, I try to blog about what I learn as I learn.