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Thursday, July 31, 2008
 Stuck in Whistler

In Whistler for Mozilla Summit. The summit ends today. Original plan was to do some cycling in the mountains tomorrow morning, and head back to Vancouver at 3pm, spend the weekend with friends in Vancouver.

BUT! The night before last one there was a massive rock slide blocking the main road from Whistler back to Vancouver (aerial photo, news story, interesting blogpost) and it takes at least five days to clear it up. The alternate route is 8 hours long, so they have rescheduled all the buses. I'm now on the 3am bus on Friday, which hopefully means I can sleep on the bus after the party. Beats having to wakeup and catch the 8am one and be bored on the bus for a good part of the day.

So I thought I attend my sessions this morning and head out in the afternoon to do some cycling, be back in time for the party. BUT! Woke up this morning to learn that power is out for at least a few hours. A laundry truck hit the
Yay! Got a couple more hours of battery life. Funny thing is that wifi works.

Finally, I didn't notice that the schedule for today starts half-hour earlier than previous days. So missed breakfast too. Have to run out, get breakfast, get real coffee, and plan the rest of my stay here. But found some nagging first quite refreshing :).

Anyway, having tons of fun. I'm sure if the summit was in the winter, we could expect lots of The Shining flashbacks at the hotel. :-D

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008
 Firefox party in Tehran

In Tehran currently, for post-GUADEC vacation and sister's wedding (will post photos).

I'll be at this Firefox party on Thursday afternoon.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008
 Setting the record straight

In Heathrow for another hour, then will arrive in Istanbul for GUADEC. I'm staying at Golden Horn. Guys, lets meet at the lobby around 9PM for mild beer tasting.

Also, it's a shame to read "Istambul" on pgo so frequently. Please, write "Istanbul", read as you wish :).

Can't wait to meet everyone... For those of you not coming this year, sorry guys, have to live with it for a week. I'm talking to you sri :-D.

Update: There are two Golden Horn hotels. I'm in the Sultanahmet one. But gather in the lobby of either one and you'll find enough familiar faces to go out drinking with.

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