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Thursday, May 29, 2008
 The one with chpe Rocking!

On #gnome-hackers today:

behdad: guys
behdad: if you see chpe
behdad: make sure you hug him
behdad: he pushed more than 100 commits to gnome-terminal today
crevette: yeah
crevette: behdad: near 350
behdad: crevette: yeah, still deleting mail...
***behdad gave up on reading them
crevette: hello btw behdad
behdad: Status Whiteboard| |[decision][chpe:wontfix]
behdad: haha
crevette: :)
behdad: hey crevette
behdad: I have no idea what he's been doing
behdad: but this all looks SO GREAT
bkor: move to gtkbuilder, etc
behdad: and he totally gave up on updating ChangeLog btw
behdad: bkor: much more
behdad: complete code cleanup
bkor: behdad: yeah, didn't read it yet
behdad: removed the terminal widget abstraction
bkor: behdad: seems to have removed vte abstraction
behdad: yeah
bkor: hehe
behdad: which is good
behdad: but this is proof that we need git....
crevette: this is a proof that some people are aliens
crevette: :)
behdad: crevette: that too
bkor: behdad: DVCS
behdad: bkor: political correctness :P
bkor: behdad: I don't agree
behdad: I agree :)
jonner: behdad: what did chpe do?
crevette: jonner: he commited like a mad on gnome-terminal
behdad: crevette: about 500 to this moment
behdad: jonner: ----^
jonner: 500 commits?
behdad: jonner: yes
jonner: holy...
crevette: damn
behdad: we should do a special gnome release just for that
***crevette always considered chpe like the unknown hero of GNOME
crevette: he deserves tens of blog post to tell how he is good
behdad: crevette: he defies fame
crevette: :)
pochu: how can somebody do 500 commits in a single day?
behdad: someone put this in topic :)
behdad: pochu: pushed multiple git branches he had sitting around
jonner: probably git-svn (?)
Leftmost: Wow. gnome-terminal could certainly use some cleanup.
behdad: each having ~50 commits for a cleanup task
pochu: behdad: ah
pochu: cool anyway :)
pochu: sadly I don't use gnome-terminal :(
pochu: he could have done that in GTK+ or something else ;)
behdad has changed the topic to: chpe meter:

As such I'm giving away the titles of gnome-terminal maintainer and gnome-terminal developer. I certainly don't fit those anymore. It's all chpe's now!

The closest thing to this that ever happened to my modules was what Chris Wilson did to vte. Fortunately I was successful converting him to a cairo hacker and he has made 600 cairo commits since. Lets see where chpe shows up next!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008
 Twittable scripts

Fascinated by Nat's Twittable scripts posts a few weeks ago, I thought I give the idea a try.

Here are some easy ones that I mostly converted from C concepts I liked to shell:

echoes: This one echoes itself out. Kind of a fixed point...
q=\';s=';echo "q=\\$q;s=$q$s$q$s"';echo "q=\\$q;s=$q$s$q$s"

pid-randomizer: This is one of my favorites in functionality. Randomizes the process-id space. Useful on shared systems... Based on the same idea as echoes.
q=\';s=';sh -c "q=\\$q;s=$q$s$q$s&"';sh -c "q=\\$q;s=$q$s$q$s&"
Most people recognize the C version better (except for Perl programmers of course):

filler: This one I spent a couple nights on to make fit. It draws the Hilbert space-filling curve. My version does it very quickly and has very few alphabetic letters in it:
clear;-(){ printf ".\10\33[\10$((19>>($1)%4&7))";};.(){
set .\ $*\ -$2 -\ $*;[ ${4:5} ]||($1$2;$3$4;$1 +$4;$3;$1 +$4;$3-$4;$1-$2)};. 7 +1
Nat prefers the version without clear and with a sleep to slow it down:
l(){ sleep .1;printf ".\e[\10$((19>>($1)%4&7))\b";};.(){
set .\ $*\ -$2 l\ $*;[ ${4:5} ]||($1$2;$3$4;$1 +$4;$3;$1 +$4;$3-$4;$1-$2)};. 7 +1
These work with bash. No idea about other shells. Can someone come up with a version with both the clear and the sleep, in less than 140 bytes?

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Saturday, May 03, 2008
 GUADEC schedule now available

Thomas is still uploading last GUADEC's videos, but...

The schedule for GUADEC is available now. There are still a bunch of slots awaiting confirmation from their speakers before showing up in the schedule, but the core days (9th, 10th, 11th) are pretty much complete now.

Expectnation made it relatively easy to do the schedule after I upgraded to Firefox 3 (it was painfully slow with FF2 under Linux). Thank you guys. Doesn't mean I didn't have to use the pen though. This is how it was done:

GUADEC scheduling worksheet

Still better than last year.

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