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Monday, September 17, 2007

Dear Lazy Hackers,

Here is my version of, based on a version I found around the web, with a couple of formatting changes and incomplete git support.

Here is webkit's heavily hacked version of, apparently based on a separate version and without multiple ChangeLog support as far as I see, but with full git support.

Who is the brave soul / fearless Perl hacker to merge them and create an authentic version and then add it to gnome-common?

I also have a bunch of other gnome scripts I use here.



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Tuesday, September 11, 2007
 Please Git It

Continuing the Git Migration thread from foundation-list, I have to agree with ebassi that git is designed to be highly scriptable. That's kind of a tautology as one can infer it from the fact that most git tools are written as scripts calling lower-level ones.

What I wanted to post but am now writing here is that you can write a wrapper around git (porcelain as they call it in git speak) that behaves exactly like bad ol' CVS if you really want to keep the old workflows and minimize the learning curve. Without bothering to write a full script, lets have a quick look:
You get the idea... However, the main point about migration to distributed source control systems is, you really should not keep your old workflows or you are ignoring most of the benefits. Non-technical users (translators?) can use these kind of scripts though. Last but not least, you can do cool things with git that you can't do with CVS.

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Friday, September 07, 2007
 Motion Typography Art

Awesome samples in
Motion Typography: 4 Approaches To Kinetic Text
. Check out the videos. My favorite is the second one. I wish I could do something like these one day. Other than the fact that I don't have the artistic talent for it, all are done in Adobe After Effects. No idea if we have any comparable Free Software tools. Guess not.

In other links, great Git for Computer Scientists intro. Thanks Federico!

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Thursday, September 06, 2007
 Finally 23

That's my GNOME bugzilla points, not my age which will be 25 in three weeks. I wish they were 25 and 23 respectively...

Didn't inflate my points by closing thousands of incoming bugs INCOMPLETE, but I do show up as top bug reported of the week right now.

Also not going to shamelessly ask people to buy me Wii games. I do have a proper wishlist though, like when Amazon was used to buy books...

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 Linux Shell Puzzle

Write a shell script named pchdir that when run like pchdir /bin it will change the current directory of its parrent process to /bin.

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007
 Needed: GNOME Speaker in Toronto

So, seems like I may not be around on Oct 13 to talk about GNOME at Ontario Linux Fest. To keep up with competition, I'm wondering if someone's willing to fill in that spot.

Also, a deck of slides about new GNOME developments doesn't harm, if anyone has one around. Thanks in advance.

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 GNOME in Google Summer of Code Blog

Leslie blogged in Google Summer of Code blog about GNOME, linking to my summary and Lucas's.

Tell her what you liked about GNOME's SoC participation this year. Which are your favorite projects?

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