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Thursday, June 29, 2006
 Tehran in Google Maps

Reza writes to say he noticed Google has added high-res images of many Iranian cities. Here's a few places he spotted, for the nostalgic among us:

Azadi Square
Mehrabad Airport
Sharif University
Enghelab Square
Shahrak Gharb
Tajrish Square
Vanak Square
Park Laleh
Valiasr and Enghelab
Park Mellat
Valiasr Square
Emam Hossein Square
Azadi Football Stadium

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

So, GUADEC has been too good to leave any time for blogging. Met a lot of very interesting people, a lot more to still meet.

Have had a lot of good conversations about font stuff and pango. With cworth, keithp, mclasen, mathrick, moyogo, simos, danilo, glasseyes and Nicholas (what's your nick?), we start talking fonts every now and then. With mathrick we even made pangocairo render a bit of vertical text.

My presentation went Ok yesterday, and as everybody else already blogged, the Fluendo party at the beach last night was awesome. We also met vuntz which is a lot of fun trying to speak hish few Persian words. Lots of people losing their badges, but not us.

In the last AGM, the board announced that Eben Moglen has agreed to join the GNOME Advisory board and act as a legal counsil to the foundation. Awesome news!

In the lightning talks now. Next is cworth's talk about how to design clean API (as was done in cairo.) Looking forward to the maemo bday party tonight.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006
 GNOME Summer of Gals!

Just because not only our Summer of Code mentors don't get a penny of Google's money, neither does the GNOME foundation!

In a generous move, the GNOME Foundation is reinvesting benefits from the Google Summer of Code program into sponsoring three similar projects, for female studentss only.

Thanks to Chris Ball and Hanna Wallach for coming up with the proposal, and driving it so far.

The press release, the poster (PDF), and the Women's Summer Outreach Program 2006 page. Let your alma mater's CS department know. Spread the word!